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How do I resolve 'Invalid Tax Codes(s): -Not Taxable- -- Tax Accounts Not Defined.' in Netsuite?


I am receiving the error "Invalid Tax Codes(s): -Not Taxable- -- Tax Accounts Not Defined.' in Netsuite when calculating tax.


Avalara Avatax



  • The -Not Taxable- tax code native tax code within NetSuite will trigger tax calculation if Avatax is enabled.
  • This is a NetSuite design constraint. Users will want to change the tax code to something other than any variation of AVATAX or -Not Taxable- to prevent tax calculation from occurring.
  • There is one possible way to address this. Savvy Netsuite users can filter their existing documents (and possibly customers) to update the tax code field, or contact Netsuite support for guidance.
  • If you have concerns regarding usage or overage charges in regards to Avatax, you will also want to contact your Avalara Customer Account Manager (CAM) to discuss a resolution.