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How do I resolve "This Document has used AvaTax Services. Line (0) AddressLocationType is required." in NetSuite?


You are attempting to calculate tax on vendor bills (consumer use tax) but receive error "This Document has used AvaTax Services. Line[0] AddressLocationType is required".




Please follow the below steps to update respective Subsidiary record:

  • Navigate to Setup > Company > Subsidiaries
  • Click Edit on the Subsidiary record
  • Now Edit the Address and verify the 'Addressee' field
    • If the field is blank then add a value into it, click Save
    • If the field contains value, still click Save
  • Save the Subsidiary record
  • Create the Vendor Bill then click 'Verify Tax'. 

After updating the Subsidiary record tax should be generated.

Next steps 

For more information, see Calculate Consumer Use Tax