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How do I resolve "AVA_ConfigWizardSave saveRecord customscript avaconfig client " when trying to validate credentials in configuration in NetSuite?


You are trying to validate credentials in Avalara configuration but receive error:

AVA_ConfigWizardSave (saveRecord) 

UNEXPECTED_ERROR (id=jkmzaueiac65yeu7xwll) 
An unexpected error has occurred. Please click <a href="'/app/crm/support/', 'Error','scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no,width=800,height=700');void(0)">here</a> to notify support and provide your contact information. 




  • In NetSuite go to Avalara > Setup > Configure Avalara
    • Click 'Edit Credentials'
    • Remove all existing values from fields i.e Account ID, License Key, Username and Password.
    • Next, re-enter all the values afresh.
    • Click the 'Validate' button and verify.
  • If the issue persists, reset your Avalara License Key, repeat steps above then validate.