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How do I prevent a transaction in Netsuite from going into the Admin Console?


There is a transaction that you do not want to have tax calculated in Netsuite, or have adjusted in the Admin Console, and do not want Netsuite to overwrite the already calculated tax on Save.


Netsuite OneWorld

Netsuite Basic


  • If you don't want to have a transaction entered or update in the Admin Console, remove AVATAX as the tax code in the NetSuite transaction.
    • Clicking Edit on the invoice.
    • Then under Financial (customer record), remove the AVATAX tax code and select a different tax code
      • Do not select  "-Non-Taxable-"
        • This NetSuite native tax schedule is used by AvaTax to post non-taxable transactions.
    • Under Shipping tab of the invoice, the "Shipping Tax Code" field should be blank
    • Then Save the transaction