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How do I fix my stalled reconciliation batch in NetSuite?


In Netsuite, if you run the batch reconciliation tool on a set of data that is too large, the reconciliation tool will not complete.


NetSuite Basic

NetSuite OneWorld


  • Log into NetSuite as an administrator
  • Go to Customization > List > Records & Fields > Record Types
    • Click "List" to the left of this line
    • Click "Edit" on the stalled batch
      • Change "Batch Status" to 2
      • Change "Batch Progress" to 100%
      • Change "Batch Phase" to 2
      • Click Save.
  • Go to Avalara > Reconciliation > View Results then delete batches which are stuck (In Queue or In Progress).
  • Create a new batch with a smaller sub set of data.

NOTE: The batch name cannot be more than 20 characters. If it is, it will not start.