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How do I add the entity use code field in Netsuite?


I am trying to exempt a customer in Netsuite


Avalara Avatax



Use the Entity/Use Code field in Netsuite: This is a field that is available at the customer level, and allows you to exempt a transaction by passing a pre-coded exemption reason (e.g. G for Resale), or you can create custom reasons with custom exemption profiles. This is especially useful for partially-exempt customers. This field is available under Lists>Relationships>Customers>Customer>Edit>Address>Entity/Use Code. Entity/Use code values are not populated by default, but can be added by following the below process.

  • Go to AvaTax>Setup>Entity Use Codes
  • Select "New"
  • Fill in the  Entity/Use Code ID and Description, click "Save".





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