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How do I add a tax only credit in Netsuite?


A credit memo or cash refund in NetSuite needs to credit back tax only.


Netsuite Basic

Netsuite OneWorld


Currently, Avalara supports tax-only credit for Credit Memo's and Cash Refunds.  

  • On tax-only credit transactions, enter the line item as such:
    • The only item on the credit must be "Sales Tax Adjustment", with a rate and amount of 0.
    • The Tax Credit field just above the lines should be populated with the tax amount that is to be credited.
      • When you enter the Tax Credit amount, it must be a positive number. Once the transaction is sent to AvaTax it will show as a negative amount.
  • Fill out any other required fields for your Credit Memo or Cash Refund form and select Save.
  • Note that you may need to create the credit memo or cash refund separately, as opposed to creating it directly from the invoice. 

Note: The sales tax adjustment item needs to be set up as a non-inventory item for this to work.  Also, do not add extra wording and/or characters (ex. asterisk, quotes, etc.) to "Sales Tax Adjustment". Doing so will cause the sales tax adjustment item to not work. 





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