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How can we keep a new subsidiary from using Avatax in Netsuite One World?


You have added a new subsidiary in Netsuite OneWorld and do not want any transactions associated with that subsidiary to use Avatax at this time.


Netsuite OneWorld


  • There are two mechanisms that control transactions calling out to Avalara Avatax for calculation:
    • Customer level tax item and Tax Code subsidiary list (this is specific to Netsuite One World)
  • To control this at the subsidiary level do the following:
    • Logged in as SysAdmin, Navigate to  Setup > Accounting > Tax Codes
    • Choose AVATAX
    • Then put the code into edit mode
    • On the right, in the subsidiaries window, highlight only the subsidiaries you'd like for AVATAX to be used with.
    • Hit Save
    • You should now see that subsidiaries left out of your selection are unable to use AVATAX.