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How can I prevent specific transactions from being sent to AvaTax from NetSuite?


You want to know how to prevent specific transactions from being sent to Avalara AvaTax from NetSuite.


NetSuite Basic

NetSuite OneWorld


  • You will need to create your own tax code. To create a tax code in NetSuite, go to Setup Accounting Tax Codes > New.
  • Select a tax code (new or other than AVATAX or -Not Taxable-) on the transactions which you don't want to post to AvaTax.
  • Ensure that the 'Tax Amount Override' check box is not selected.

Note: Using custom tax codes, the AVATAX tab of the invoice will display errors such as... 

  • 'This Document has not used AvaTax Services for Tax Calculation. Taxcode selected is not an AVATAX Taxcode'
  • 'Taxcode is not set to AVATAX or the Tax rates are not equal to zero for all the line items'.
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