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How can I change the order of script execution on Sales Order documents in NetSuite?


You are experiencing slow performance while attempting to invoice or use AvaTax and would like to change the order of the AvaTax scripts.


NetSuite OneWorld


  • It may be necessary to change the order of script execution on Sales Order documents, if you're experiencing poor performance during basic tasks, such as choosing an address from the customer record or saving the document.

    • In some cases, making changes may trigger SuiteScript errors if there are multiple third-party scripts running on the document.

  • By default, the AvaTax bundle scripts are executed last.  

    • This is a standard "good neighbor" practice to avoid conflicts during installation.

    • Changing the order of script execution doesn't affect AvaTax functionality. It simply prioritizes tax calculation.  

  • Directions

    • Go to Customization > Scripting > Scripted Records > Sales Order.  (or Order with scriptid of salesorder)

    • Click Edit.

    • Move AVA_TransactionTab_2 to the top of the list.

    • Click Save.

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