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Can I force origin sourcing in Netsuite?


You want to know how to override the default sourcing for a transaction to force origin-based sourcing within AvaTax for NetSuite. 




  • There are 2 different ways:
    • Locationbased Pick Up:
      • Setup > Company > Locations > Edit Location > check the Pick Up checkbox > Save.
      • When the location is selected on a form, the transaction is sourced from the Location address instead of the Ship-to address.
    • Enable Pick Up on the Transaction form:
      • Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Column Fields > Pick Up > Display tab > set Display Type to Normal.
  • This shows the Pickup field on your transaction record.
  • When this field is enabled, select it on each transaction, as needed, to force origin sourcing.
  • If a Location has Pick Up checked, tax will be based on the origin address regardless of whether the checkbox is selected on the transaction form.

Next steps

For more information, see the AvaTax for NetSuite user guide.