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Why do I owe so much for NY taxes? (Quarterly filers)


You see an amount due that is higher than expected or off by type (for example you were expecting a prepayment to be made this month) 


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This is because New York is on a unique quarterly filing schedule - off by one month from other states. As a result, we are filing your taxes for the entire New York state quarterly period this month:

Q1: December 1 through February 28/29.

Q2: March 1 through May 31;

Q3: June 1 through August 31;

Q4: September 1 through November 30





In the Avalara admin console - see below instructions on how to generate a Liability Worksheet report that shows the tax calculated this month - AND - the prior accrual from March and April sales taxes.

  • The Liability Worksheet Return Detail report will show you the prior accural amount
    • Reports > (Under Standard Sales Tax Reports) Click Liability Worksheet Exports
    • 2-Rep-rptstab2.jpg
    • Select Reporting Entity, Report Type, and the report criteria.
    • 9-Rep-LWSReturnDetail.jpg
    • Click Generate and open the report in Excel.