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Why are Arizona local jurisdictions showing on my liability worksheet?


When reviewing your liability worksheet, you see Arizona local jurisdictions are listed instead of being included in the AZ TPT state form.


Avalara Returns



  • This issue is usually caused by using a tax calculation date prior to January 1, 2017.

    • An example of this would be a credit transaction that has a document date of the current period but a tax date of the original transaction.

  • Due to how Arizona state prefers to handle these transactions, the options to correct this would be to:

    • Edit the tax date override to be in the current period or remove it completely.

      • If no tax date override is present, recalculating the transaction in the admin console will adjust the tax calculation date to match the doc date.

    • Edit the document date to be in the period the tax date is selected for and amend the return

      • Example: If the tax calculation date is in the October 2016 period, set the doc date to October 2016 and amend the October 2016 return.


Note: You will see the local reservation districts (such as Gila River or Salt River) on their own lines as those areas are still filed on their own forms.