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Where are the local AZ returns filing calendars?


You see that the Filing Calendar no longer contains local returns for Arizona, it looks like the returns are missing.


Avalara Returns


  • We automatically expired your filing calendars for the Arizona jurisdictions that were previously identified as compulsory, following the December 2016 filing submitted in January 2017.

    • We emailed to provide advanced notice to all impacted customers on December 21, 2017, subject "January 1 Arizona statutory changes and your Avalara account".

      • If you did not receive this but would like that type of update in future, please contact us to let us know you would like to be added as a compliance contact 

  • Check the box next to Display Expired Filing Calendars to see the previously active forms:

    • Go to Tax Returns > Filing Calendar > expand Active Filing Calendar > check Display Expired Filing Calendars

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