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What is the difference between the DocumentDate, the TaxCalcDate, and the ReportingDate?


You have generated the Document Line or Document Line Detail Export Report and would like to know what the columns DocumentDate,  TaxCalcDate, and ReportingDate mean.


Avalara AvaTax


  • DocumentDate is the date used on the transaction and the period the transaction will be included on a return

  • TaxCalcDate is the date used for tax rate and jurisdiction calculation.

    • If this date differs from the DocumentDate, this indicates a Tax Date Override was used.
      • Usually this occurs when you create a return invoice or credit from the original invoice.

        • The accounting system will specify the credit is dated for the current period (DocumentDate), but should use the tax rates and jurisdiction assignments from the original invoice.

  • ​​​​​​​ReportingDate is the date the transaction will be filed 

    • For Example, if the DocumentDate is 1/27/17, the ReportingDate will be 1/27/17. The transaction will be filed in the January 2017 tax period

    • If you do not have Avalara file on your behalf, you may ignore this date

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