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What do I need to do for the New Version Available for Avalara AvaTax?


You received an email from Avalara indicating a new version of your integration software (Avalara AvaTax connector to your accounting system) is available, you want to know what you need to do.


AvaTax Integrations


  • We typically recommend to upgrade to the newest version, because we send this email if you are using an outdated version of our software for your connector 

    • As we release updates we add features and typically increase processing speed, so it is advantageous to upgrade

  • We suggest that you make the business decision whether you should upgrade to the newest Avalara version at this time considering the new features available and the difficulty of upgrading the software

    • See the new features included in the newest version in the Release Guide:

      • Go to AvaTax Integrations and click on the accounting system you use with Avalara

      • On the new page, click Avalara AvaTax for (Name) Release Guides

      • Click the newest version (compatible with your accounting system version) to see updates

    • Review the upgrade process for your software to see what is needed, upgrading may be a different process than the initial installation

      • Upgrading AvaTax Integration software typically requires all users to be out of the accounting system, so some down time is involved

      • Most customers make the AvaTax Integration software upgrade when other accounting system maintenance, such as a version upgrade of that software, is required


Note: Each version we release includes all features of the previous versions (still compatible with the service and accounting system), to see all of the new features available you may need to review more than one update, so we list all of them (most recent first), on the Release Guide page.