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How do I resolve the error "There is an error in XML document"?


When trying to run the Reconcile tax tool in QuickBooks Desktop for Avalara AvaTax, it results in the error message:

"There is an error in XML document"


QuickBooks Desktop


  • This error is caused by a corrupted Error List file. 
  • To fix, press F2 in Quickbooks and find the location of your company file
  • Close QuickBooks and make sure all users are out of Quickbooks
    • Pull up the Task Manager
      • Shut down all QB, Quickbooks, Intuit, Ava, AxlBridge processes
  • Pull up a Windows Explorer window
    • Navigate to where the company file is. 
      • Open the Avalara folder. 
      • Drill down into the company with the error.
      • Delete the "Company name"errorlist.xml file
  • Restart Quickbooks, making sure the AvaTax window shows at start up