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How do I resolve "Transaction Override amount is missing" when I'm importing my transactions?


You are importing transactions, the error file shows a "Transaction Override amount is missing" error.


Avalara AvaTax

Import Transactions


  • This error indicates you used Process Code 1 or 2, which tells Avalara you are providing the tax amount, but one was not listed

  • Pull up the Error file (Go to the AvaTax Admin Console > Tools > View Imported File Status > click the blue Error hyperlink - open in Excel)

  • Next steps depend on what you intend to import:

    • If you want to import a transaction with a tax amount you specify, list the tax amount in column AP
      • ProcessCode 1 or 2 that override tax require the tax amount desired to be listed in the TotalTax column (column AP).
    • If you want to import a transaction with normal tax calculation, change the Process Code to 3 (or 4 if you are editing existing transactions) 
  • Save the change > import using the Import button on the View Imported File Status page
  • See Add or Import Transactions for full details on additional information possible to include in the import