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How do I resolve "DocStatus is invalid for this operation. Expected Saved/Posted" cannot be converted to type Decimal/decimal in column 99 (Other7Tax) in record"?


You are attempting to import transactions and receive error:

"DocStatus is invalid for this operation. Expected Saved|Posted  "Unable to import the file.  System.FormatException: Value "DocStatus is invalid for this operation. Expected Saved|Posted"" can not be converted to type Decimal/decimal in column 99 (Other7Tax) in record 0.
   at DataStreams.Common.DataReaderBase.ThrowHelpfulException(Int32 columnIndex, Exception e, Type type)
   at DataStreams.Common.DataReaderBase.System.Data.IDataRecord.GetValue(Int32 i)
   at DataStreams.Common.DataReaderBase.System.Data.IDataRecord.GetValues(Object[] values)
   at Avalara.AvaTax.Services.Batch.Util.ImportHelper.IsEmptyLine(IDataReader reader) in c:\GitRepo\master\avalaracoreservices\Services\Batch\Util\ImportHelper.cs:line 644
   at Avalara.AvaTax.Services.Batch.Engine.TransactionImport.TransactionImport_ForBrazilAndPlaceOfSupply_15_5Step.Import(BatchEntity batch, BaseResult result) in c:\GitRepo\master\avalaracoreservices\Services\Batch\Engine\TransactionImport\TransactionImport_ForBrazilAndPlaceOfSupply_15_5Step.cs:line 200 (6248972)"


Avalara AvaTax


  • LineNo associated with each DocCode are not sequential in the import file. Each DocCode should be grouped together by LineNo.
    • The LineNo value you use for a transaction must uniquely identify each line on the document. The recommended pattern is a sequential numbering of the lines: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • Column CI (Email) should be the last column (subject to change) on the import template.  Ensure no fields are populated after Column CI (Email).


For more information, see Add or Import Transactions