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How Do I Manually Enter a Transaction Into the Admin Console


I have a transaction missing from my admin console and I need to manually enter it in


Admin Console


  • In the admin console- go to the Transactions tab

  • Click on the orange new button

  • In the document tab-fill in the information in the following required fields

    • Document Code

    • Customer/Vendor Code

    • Document Date

    • Origin Address

    • Destination Address

  • In the Lines tab- click on Add New Line

    • Enter the line #

    • Enter in the Item #

    • Enter in the quantity

      • This field must have at least a 1 and cannot be negative

    • Enter in the amount

      • If you are entering a credit, make sure to type a negative number: -12.00

  • Enter in any other applicable information- including tax code, entity use code, etc...

  • When you are finished- click on add

  • Click on calculate tax on the far left

  • Then you can save the transaction either as committed or uncommitted.

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