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How Do I Find the Filing Frequency for a Particular Return?


I am looking for the frequency in which a particular return is filed


Admin Console


  • To find your current filing frequency, you will need to reach out to the Department of Revenue 

    • If you have an efile account, you may log in and view the returns you are required to file and how often you should file these returns

    • If you do not have an efile account, see if you still have the certificate documents from the state

      • Otherwise you will need to call the state to confirm the filing frequency

  • To view what is currently in the Admin Console for Avalara to file

    • Go to the Admin Console

    • Click on the Tax Returns Tab

    • Then click on the Filing Calendar Tab

    • Click on Active Filing Calendar

    • After finding the jurisdiction in question, you can either click on the form name that is in blue or the pencil beside it.

    • The filing frequency provided to Avalara will be listed here

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