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Do I need to complete any POA's when adding new Filing Calendars?


I am adding a new Filing Calendar to AvaTax Returns and would like to know whether I also need to fill out a POA? (Power of Attorney)


Avatax Returns


  • No.

  • As long as the Company Entity you are creating the new Filing Frequency under has an approved POA, a new POA is not required.

    • To determine whether or not you have an approved POA:

      • Click on the 'Organization'

      • Identify the company you would like to submit the filing calendar for

      • On that same line, look for either a 'Green Check Mark' or a 'PDF icon' under the 'Returns Funding POA' header for the company.

        • Green Check Mark example:

        • PDF icon example:

    • The 'green check mark' notarizes that the Funding POA has been received and approved for that company.

    • Whereas, the 'PDF icon' confirms that Avalara does not have a POA on file for that company


Note: Please visit the following link if you would like to learn more about funding POA's and how to submit them: