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How to set up a special tax code for an upcoming partial exemption

Issue Overview
Beginning July 1, 2014 a partial sales and use tax exemption will go into effect for Manufacturing and biotechnology industries. Qualifying sales to these industries will be exempt from 4.1875% of the sales and use tax in California. I would like to ask for help in setting up a special tax code to code these qualifying sales for this partial exemption. 
Avalara Avatax

Entity use code I for manufacturing will reflect the CA partial exemption change in our system on July 1, 2014. Entity Use Code I (for manufacturers) will tax at the reduced rate at the state level; local tax will apply. We adjusted the Entity Use Code because an exemption certificate is required to obtain the reduced rate. 

However, if the customer is not using Entity Use Code I, then custom rules will need to be created for any codes they determine should qualify.