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Will Avalara be ready to handle Puerto Rico's switch to VAT in 2016?


I use Avalara to calculate Sales and Use Tax in Puerto Rico. In 2016 Puerto Rico will be changing to VAT, will AvaTax be able to accommodate this change?


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  • Yes. Avalara has been closely monitoring all tax law changes in Puerto Rico, to ensure our clients' full compliance with current Puerto Rico sales and use tax and full compliance with the new VAT system in June 2016.
    • Avalara will continue to file the Puerto Rico Sales and Use Tax returns until the new VAT system goes into effect.
    • After the change, Avalara will continue to file the Puerto Rico returns under the new VAT system.

Note: VAT was originally supposed to be implemented in Puerto Rico on April 2016 but has been postponed to the above date. Please reference this VAT extension for more information.