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Why were the sales on my DR 0100 not matching my liability worksheet?


You have reviewed your CO DR 0100 form and found that the sales and jurisdiction allocation do not match to what is listed on your liability worksheet and reports.


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  • The CO DR0100 is filed based off of the single location that you are registered to collect tax at.
    • To find out what location you are registered for, please visit the CO state website
      • Select View Sales Rates and Taxes
      • Select View Business Location Rates
      • Enter your Colorado account number (without any location information, an L or M prefix, and remove any hyphens or spaces.)
  • All of your transactions should calculate the rate and jurisdiction code you are registered for.
  • If you have any transactions that do not meet this criteria, the taxes collected in jurisdictions that you are not registered for will be adjusted into the jurisdictions you are registered for.
    • This causes the sales amounts to be adjusted so when they are multiplied by your registered rate, will calculated out to the taxes collected.
  • While you may be using a location code on these transactions, it is more of a label and does not have any affect on the return, rates calculated or jurisdiction codes.
  • If you have any transactions that are outside of your registered locations, it is best to speak with the CO Department of Revenue on further instructions on how to file them properly.