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Why was I able to add a transaction to a locked period?


I see a transaction in July, with a status date of August, which shouldn't be possible since the liability worksheet locked and we're monthly in that state.


Avalara AvaTax


  • AvaTax does not lock periods, only specific transactions that were used to file returns
  • Once your returns for a specific period are filed, the Transaction tab will not lock that month
    • You will still be able to add new transactions to the month, but the new transactions will not be used to file a return unless you Amend the returns.
      • The new transactions will show on the Reports for the period.
  • For example, you are a monthly filer in Florida. You have 10 transactions for August in Florida in a Committed state, before the liability worksheet locks on Sept 10th
    • These transactions will now have a Lock Pad icon on the Transaction tab and you will no longer be able to edit them after the 10th
    • Then in October you add a transaction with the date of August and the jurisdiction of Florida. This transaction will show in the Transactions tab under the August date, without a Lock Pad and can be edited at any time.
    • Your liability worksheet for August will not change and you cannot rebuild it.
    • All reports found on the Reports tab, except the Liability Worksheet Exports, will now show the new transaction.




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