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Why is there no tax results being returned on a Return Invoice that is using a tax date in the past?


I am trying to save a return invoice using a tax table in the past but no tax is being returned.


OEM Sage


  1. Login to the Admin Console,
  2. Click the Organization Tab, 
  3. Click the Company Name that the document is being saved to,
  4. Click the Nexus Jurisdictions "J" icon,
  5. Click the Select Jurisdictions button next to the County being viewed,
  6. Locate the State / Province,
  7. Locate the "Begin Date" property.


If the Document Date of the Return Invoice is earlier than the Begin Date, a tax result of $0 will be returned because you would not have had nexuss in that jurisdiction. To correct this problem, change the Begin Date to a date before the Document date of the return and re-run your Return Invoice. 


Return Invoice Tax Date was prior to the nexus Begin Date.