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Why is there a prepayment on my liability worksheet?


When reviewing your liability worksheet, you noticed a prepayment amount listed and are wondering why it is there.


Avalara Returns


  • Prepayments are populated on the liability worksheet due to the settings on your filing calendar.
  • If you are not required to file prepayments on your returns, please open a case with Support to inform our Returns team of this.
    • Include the following detail in your case:
      • State
      • Form
      • Effective Period
    • Example request:
      • For the WA Multipurpose form, please remove the prepayment amount effective 6/1/2017 as we are not required to file any prepayments with the state.
  • If any prepayments have already been filed with the state that should not have, please contact them directly and follow their procedures of obtaining a refund of those amounts.
  • If you are unsure if you are required to file prepayments, please contact the state's Department of Revenue to discuss those requirements.
    • Avalara would not be aware if this is required for your company unless you reported it to us.