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Why is the liability worksheet missing jurisdictions?


You are reviewing the liability worksheet and it's missing some of the states or countries you have sales in.


Avalara Returns


  • Beginning with the February 2019 period, filed in March 2019, we prioritize builds for states where we file returns on your behalf.
    • These regions populate first to allow for a quick reconciliation
    • These regions will be populated by the 5th of the month
  • Once all returns for all customers have been populated, we then build the remainder of jurisdictions that have tax calculation enabled, regardless of whether or not we file returns there on your behalf.
    • These regions and countries will populate closer to the 10th of the month
    • Run the Sales and Sellers Use Tax Summary report to see transactions that will be on the liability worksheet.
      • This provides the gross sales, nontaxable sales, taxable sales and total tax for the jurisdiction(s) you ran the report for.

NOTE: If you have requested Avalara to file Total Gross Sales (all US and international sales) on a specified return, the liability worksheet does not need to reflect this data. We will be running the same report to obtain the information to add to your return.

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