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Why is Acctivate not calculating tax?


You have connected your Acctivate system to Avalara by entering the Avalara credentials, and when you click Test Connection, it shows success, but when you enter an invoice no tax is calculated.




  • We only calculate tax in areas selected in your Nexus: Check your Avalara Admin Console to make sure that the state where your transaction is being shipped to (destination address) is selected in your Nexus > go to Organization > click on Company Name > Nexus Jurisdictions
  • Check your item mapping in Acctivate: If product class uses a nontaxable code, no tax will be on your sale
  • If the state is selected in nexus and your product is taxable, but you are not getting any tax on your sale, contact Acctivate support at 866-877-1311 or to confirm your Acctivate configuration is correct