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Why do I not see the CA Monthly Prepayment in my filing archive?


I do not see my monthly prepayment to California in my filing archive.


Avalara Returns


  • Since November 2014, Avalara now submits payment to California via an ACH payment. This allows Avalara to 'push' payment to California each month. More information here

  • Because of the change in payment, Avalara customers are no longer required to file a prepayment each month. Instead, submitting the ACH payment fulfills the requirement and replaces the need to file out a physical form.
  • Additionally, there is no copy of a return. 
  • To view the payment made to California each month, open the Filing Archive and select the appropriate month.
  • Then click where it says 'Click here to Download ACH payment trace IDs for the Selected Month.'
    • That will provide an spreadsheet with amount and ACH tracking information and can be provided to an auditor in case of audit