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Why can I not scroll in HTML view of reports in Internet Explorer 10 or 11?


You are reviewing a report in IE 10 or IE 11 and cannot scroll down the page to view lower items.


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  • Due to a recent change in Internet Explorer 11, you may need to enable Comparability Mode in order to properly view To fix this, please enable Compatibility Mode within Internet Explorer. 
    • Click on the Gear icon or click Tools in the upper right of Internet Explorer.File:kb/001/Why_can_I_not_scroll_in_HTML_view_of_reports_in_Internet_Explorer_10_or_11?/clipboard_1390234164845.png
    • Select Compatibility View Settings from the menu.                                                File:kb/001/Why_can_I_not_scroll_in_HTML_view_of_reports_in_Internet_Explorer_10_or_11?/clipboard_1390234190394.png
    • Add "" or "" by clicking on the Add button.File:kb/001/Why_can_I_not_scroll_in_HTML_view_of_reports_in_Internet_Explorer_10_or_11?/clipboard_1390234281418.png
    • Finally, refresh the page, you may need to log in again. 
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