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Why are the amounts on my liability worksheet not what I expected?


When reviewing the liability worksheet in the Admin Console, you notice the summary line of a state shows sales and tax liability, but when expanding the line, either a different amount or all zeros are displayed.


Avalara Returns


  • This is generally caused by tax types not matching from the transactions to the type of tax being filed on your return.
    • A simple way to verify would be to run the Sales and Sellers Use Tax Summary report to see what tax type the transactions are calculating.
    • Compare this with the tax type listed on your registration and filing calendar with the jurisdiction.
      • Each jurisdiction will have your company registered for a specific tax type to collect and remit.
    • You can also check the tax type listed in Nexus
    • For home rule states with multiple locals being filed such as AL, the Sales and Sellers Use Tax Jurisdiction Detail can be used to match to the liability worksheet breakout.
      • This will help you see the differences between what is being filed and what was collected
  • Check to make sure if any carry-over credits were applied or excluded.
  • Check the return filing frequency.
    • If it is the middle of the cycle, you will see tax liability but nothing due.
  • If the issue is found under South Carolina, please review your filing calendar for the location code you have selected to file.
    • If your transactions do not include the matching location code, they will not be filed on your return.
  • If the period is locked, check the status date of the transactions.
    • Transactions posted to AvaTax after the worksheet has been approved or approved on behalf will not be included on the return.
    • These amount will show on the summary line of the state on the liability worksheet.
  • If you have child companies using a parent company for filing, please review the transactions under each applicable company.
    • All transactions for an applicable filing will populate under your Return but they will be listed under their individual company.
  • If the tax types are matching, try to rebuild the liability worksheet.
  • If nothing changes, please contact support.
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