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Why are some returns showing zero amount due?


You see there are returns set to be filed, but the amount due is $0.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Returns


  • Avalara files returns based on the Form and Frequency you request, but they only have a value if there are actually sales in that region in the period being filed
    • Go to Transactions > filter to see transactions for the date range of the return in that region
    • Make adjustments if needed, if the sales are incorrect, or add if transactions are missing
    • Commit any transactions which should be in the return, but are Void or Uncommitted
    • Any credits which are over the value of sales will be held until the next return and applied if that next return value is large enough.
  • If the transactions have been committed and the return still shows zero amount due please confirm that the tax type being collected and the tax on the return match
    • If you are collecting Sales tax but remitting on a Seller's use tax return you should see month sales but zero amount due on the liability worksheet.
    • Please confirm whether you should be collecting Sales tax or Seller's use tax
      • This will be displayed on your business license with the state
      • Ensure you have submitted the correct return(s) in the Filing Calendar
        • More than one return may be necessary as some states have different returns for Sales, Sellers Use and Consumer Use. 
    • If you confirmed you're supposed to be collecting a different tax type please update this information in your admin console.