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Why are our orders and invoices showing different rates?


You have an invoice that shows a different rate or tax amount than the order shows.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Please check for any differences between the order and the invoice, such as:
    • Change in destination and/or origin address
    • Adding or changing line level addressing
    • Tax calculation date
      • If the order is in one month and the invoice is in the next month, the tax rates for a jurisdiction have the possibility of being updated.
    • Tax overrides being applied
    • Adding or removing an exemption
  • Were there any changes to your AvaTax Admin Console, such us:
    • Editing nexus
    • Adding or removing custom tax rules
    • Adding or removing a jurisdiction override
    • Mapping items to tax codes
  • If you have checked all of these options and still do not know why there is a difference between your documents, please contact Technical Support at 877-780-4848.