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Why are no locals calculating for Arizona?


 We have several transactions where the local rates for Arizona are not calculating as we feel they should. No locals (like cities and counties) are showing at all when I review the jurisdictions where tax was collected


Avalara Avatax


  • Most customers see this due to the nexus selection being set to Sales or Sellers Use for the state of Arizona
    • Transactions originating from outside of Arizona (interstate sales) Arizona are calculated using Use Tax rates
    • Most local jurisdictions in Arizona do not have a Use Tax rate (they only collect Sales Tax) so there is no local rate to apply
  • Review your nexus selections to ensure you have the appropriate tax type selected
    • If the state expects you to collect tax in local jurisdictions, you may need to adjust your nexus or review the origin addresses sent to Avalara if the sales actually do come from within the state.
    • In the Admin Console go to Organization > Company > select Nexus > click Select Jurisdictions by United States > review Tax Type (second or third column, depending on your access) by Arizona
      • ​​​​​​​If you make any changes, click Save at the top of the page