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Why are my imports not being processed on Cyber Monday?


You see that all imports submitted on Monday December 1, 2014 are in a status of Waiting, and they appear to be stuck in Waiting status.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Certs


  • We are holding batch imports submitted between the hours of 5:00 AM PST to 6:00 PM PST on Monday, December 1
  • These batches will be processed at 6:00 PM PST on Monday, December 1


Note: These imports will not be rejected, they will simply be held, and at 6:00 PM PST we will begin processing these batches and expect the majority of them to be completed prior to midnight. Any imports during this timeframe may not be reflected in the Admin Console until December 2, and on reports until December 2 or 3. We are doing this to enhance system performance on December 1, Cyber Monday, which is the busiest day of the year for many of our customers.