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Why am I unable to expire before the end of the current Quarter or Annual filing in the Admin Console?


You are trying to expire a return filing in the middle of the filing term, but the system is not allowing the change because you cannot select that date.


Avalara Returns


  • The filing calendar does not allow you to expire a return prior to the end of the current filing term

    • You cannot select a date before the end of the current filing period, so you cannot select the end of the previous Quarter or Year

  • If you would like to expire your calendar at the end of the last period, and do not want to file the current period, please put at comment in the note field with the date you would like the filing calendar expired and why.
    • Our compliance team will see this note and adjust the expire date accordingly.

Next steps 

For more information, read use the Returns filing calendar or watch our  Online Filing Calendar video.