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Why am I receiving an error 'An unexpected failure occurred' in the Admin Console?


You are seeing the error 'An unexpected failure occurred. The error may be due to a temporary interruption in the service.' when performing various tasks in the admin console. 


Avalara Admin Console 


  • This error can be due to a few things. 
    • An old browser version not working well with Avatax.
      • Please update your browser to the latest version.  
      • If you are using IE and cannot update it due to other program needs, try Firefox or Chrome 
    • An old instance of your user session may still be cached.
      • Delete your browser cookies, cache and temporary internet files.
      • To resolve restart your browser. 
    • You may be having intermittent internet issues internally. 
      • Talk to your IT to confirm. 
    • Reduce the size of the report by selecting a shorter time period as this error will occur if the report is too large.
  • If the issue persists, please contact Avalara Support.