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Why am I getting an address error?


You are getting an address error and would like to know how to resolve it.


Avalara AvaTax


  • You are getting this error because an address used on the transaction is incorrect.
    • This can be the destination, origin, location or even line level addresses.
    • To resolve the error, it is best to check to all places for possible address to make sure they are correctly formatted.
    • As we use USPS, you can validate an address on their site or you can use the basic tax calculator found on the admin console.
  • The issue may come down to the formatting of your address.
    • Make sure Line 1 is the building and street number
      • If Line 1 is an Attention To line, Line 2 should have the building and street number
      • Make sure the street number contains the full street name.
        • For example, if the street is listed as "1st St" on a map, then you should enter the address as "1st St", not 'First Street"
    • Make sure you are using the proper State and Country JurisCodes
    • Make sure you are using the proper zip code format
      • xxxxx-xxxx or xxxxx
      • You cannot use something like 12345.3654 or 123456987
  • Also, the Address Validation service only works for US and Canadian addresses. You cannot validate an international address.