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What values can I use to exempt a customer within my ERP?


I have the ability in our ERP to use an exemption code on a customer basis and need to know what codes are available to me that will exempt them in the Avatax engine.


Avalara Avatax


You will need to enter into that value the entity use code. That code will translate to their exempt reason and tell the engine they are exempt for said reason. Example: G is the value you would use if they are a resale exempt customer.

  • FEDERAL GOV - translates to code A
  • STATE GOV - translates to code B
  • TRIBAL GOVERNMENT - translates to code C
  • FOREIGN DIPLOMAT - translates to code D
  • EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS - translates to code E
  • RELIGIOUS OR EDUCATIONAL - translates to code F
  • RESALE - translates to code G
  • AGRICULTURE - translates to code H
  • MANUFACTURERS - translates to code I
  • DIRECT PAY - translates to code J
  • DIRECT MAIL - translates to code K
  • CUSTOM/OTHER - translates to code L
  • LOCAL GOV - translates to code N
  • COMMERCIAL AQUACULTURE (CN)  - translates to code P
  • COMMERCIAL FISHERY (CN) - translates to code Q
  • NON-RESIDENT (CN) - translates to code R