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What should I do if I believe Avalara is taxing an address incorrectly?


You have an address that AvaTax is calculating at a rate or jurisdiction that you don't agree with, and would like to know how to fix it.


Avalara AvaTax


  • There are several factors to check when it comes to an address that may be taxing incorrectly:
    • Check that your Nexus is set up correctly -- are you receiving a Sellers Use Tax rate instead of a Sales Tax rate?
    • Check that the tax code(s) you are using are not exempt in one jurisdiction, but taxable in another (for example: exempt on the state level, but the city is taxable.)
    • Verify you are using the correct address, and that you have looked up the tax rate associated with this address on the relevant state's website.
  • If you have checked all of this, please provide documentation from the State regarding the rate and jurisdictions that should be applied to the state, and contact This can be forwarded to our Content team for review.





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