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What properties are there in a TaxOverRideType?


I want to override the date that a tax calculation





TaxOverride Properties are: 

  • None: None is the default if the property is present but not configured.
  • TaxAmount: TaxAmount overrides the total tax for a document or Line. This is used for imported documents, returns, and layaways where the tax has already been calculated either by AvaTax or another means.
  • Exemption: Exemption certificates are overridden making the document or line taxable. This may be used for situations where a normally exempt entity needs to be treated as not exempt.
  • TaxDate:  The TaxDate overrides the DocDate at the Document level, or TaxDate in a line item level as the effective date used for tax calculation. This may effect rates, rules and other factors. This is required if the TaxOverrideType is TaxDate


See - Navigate to TaxOverride.




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