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What is an "on the fly" exemption in SalesTax II?


I need to make an 'on the fly' exemption option in SalesTaxII. 




The following fields are optional and part of a new feature in SalesTaxII for exempting individual taxing
jurisdictions at the time of the transaction. This was mainly designed for retail stores where a special
onetime exemption was needed for walk in customers (i.e. Charitable Organizations). Before this mod, a
customer exemption record was required in the TAXEXEMT file outlining which jurisdictions should be
exempted. Now to exempt any jurisdiction, place an ‘E’ in the field corresponding to the jurisdiction being


Field        Attribute      Description
PFSTX       1A            Exempt State Level
PFCOX      1A            Exempt County Level
PFCRX      1A            Exempt Country Transit (TR)
PFC1X       1A            Exempt County Other 1
PFC2X       1A            Exempt County Other 2
PFC3X       1A            Exempt County Other 3
PFC4X       1A            Exempt County Other 4
PFCTX       1A            Exempt City Level
PFTRX       1A            Exempt City Transit (TR)
PFT1X        1A            Exempt City Other 1
PFT2X        1A            Exempt City Other 2
PFT3X        1A            Exempt City Other 3
PFT4X        1A            Exempt City Other 4




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