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What is a line-level tax override?


You would like to know what a line-level tax override is and how it can be used.


Avalara AvaTax


  • A line level tax override allows the user to manually alter the tax amount on a specific transaction line within the Admin Console.

  • When working with an existing transaction, this function allows you to change the tax amount to something other than the value that was previously calculated.

  • When working with new transactions, this setting allows the user to determine the tax amount on a given transaction line, instead of relying on Avalara AvaTax to perform the calculation. 

  • The line level tax override has 3 options found in the Tax Override Type menu:

    • TaxAmount: This option allows the user to manually edit the tax amount assigned to a transaction line.
    • Exempt: This option forces the transaction line to calculate a zero dollar tax amount. It also forces the sales amount to be bucketed as exempt.
    • TaxDate: This option changes the date used when Avalara AvaTax calculates on a specific transaction line. It is commonly used when creating credit memos, to ensure that tax calculated on the credit matches tax on the original transaction.





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