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What is a Signature Code in SalesTaxII?


You would like more information on the signature codes in SalesTaxII. 




  • Signature Codes are the most accurate way to access tax rates in SalesTaxII .
  • Using zip codes to access rates will get you rate accuracy in the 95% to 98% range but using signature codes will take that number to 100%.
  • Signature codes are used by associating a code with each record in your customer master file.
  • When you ask SalesTaxII to calculate tax for a customer order you only need pass the signature code from the customer master to the SalesTaxII rate calculator to get the correct calculation.
  • If you are going to place our Signature Code in each of your customer records and use it as your Tax Code, we recommend the following:
    • Computerize the assignment of Signature Code by using customer zip code to query SalesTaxII rate files to locate it. In an Origin taxing state, you may use your salesman’s zip code if that person resides in that state, or warehouse zip code if you have a warehouse in that state.
    • After initial Tax Code assignment, audit and refine the Tax Code manually.





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