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What is SalesTaxII?


I would like more information on SalesTaxII.




SalesTaxII is a stand-alone system that will:


  1.  Accept input parameters (PARM's) sent to it from other systems and programs. Other systems and programs may include a users’ order entry or invoicing programs or any program where sales or use tax must be calculated.


  1.  Find the correct sales or use tax rate using parameters sent to it from other systems and programs. Using state and zip codes, location codes, or state code and city name SalesTaxII will search its database and locate the correct sales or use tax rates. The system will then calculate tax at each level: state, county, city, transit, etc., and in total. Other optional input parameters may be used to influence calculations.


  1. Return resulting rates, calculations and other identifying data back to the CALLing program as output parameters from SalesTaxII. Data such as state, county, and city where tax was calculated are returned in parameters to the CALLing program. Additionally, calculated tax and tax rates for state, county, city, transit, etc. are returned along with other useful information.