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What if I don't want Avalara to file a return for me?


I use the Avalara Returns service and am setup to file in a jurisdiction that I do not want Avalara to file in


Avalara Returns


  • To prevent Avalara from filing a return going forward, you will need to expire your filing calendar for the specific jurisdiction:
    1. Login to Avatax and select the Tax Returns tab
    2. Select Filing Calendars option (link)
    3. Under the Manage Filing Calendar head, open the Active Filing Calendar option
    4. Click on the form and once opened, click the Expire button (lower left)

Note:  You may cancel up to the last day of the month.  (Example:  To cancel January transactions filing in February, you will need to cancel by January 31st).  If the deadline is missed, Avalara will file the return.  If the filing is incorrect, you will need to file an amended return.

If you need Avalara to assist with an amended return, please reach out to your Account Manager for pricing.

  • To prevent Avalara from filing a return for the current period but continue filing after, you will need to submit a Do Not File case to Support.
    • Please include affected
      • Period
      • Returns
      • Company name

Note: You may submit the Do Not File request no later than the 10th of the month that Avalara is filing in to have this service performed at no cost. (Example: To prevent returns being filed in February, the case must be submitted by February 10th.) If the Do Not File request is made after the 10th, an unlocking fee will apply. 

If you need more information on the unlocking service, please reach out to Support.