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What can I do if I don't think your rates are correct?


You believe the rate in Avatax is not correct; how can you learn what the correct rate is?


Avalara Avatax


  • We have a team of research analysts who maintain the tax rates provided by our service:
    • Taxability and tax rates of transactions processed by our service depend on the specific origin and destination address on the sale, the customer's taxable or specific exempt status, what was sold (based on line item tax codes), the tax date, and your unique company settings including nexus selections, company preferences, and tax rules, etc. that were in place at the time when the transaction was processed
    • Though a rate may appear to be incorrect on an individual sale, analysis of the transaction and service settings typically uncover a previously unconsidered component, explaining the tax calculation
  • To challenge the rate provided by our service where all settings were as expected, but the rate was unexpected, submit a case to Avalara Support with any supporting information. 
    • Include specific document codes and dates (where the rate information was incorrect) as examples
    • Include documentation from the jurisdiction which indicates the rate should be different
    • We analyze the transactions and rate in question to ensure we have all needed information, then escalate to our content team for review to verify the rate