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We received notice that a tax code is expiring, How do we find if we have it mapped to an item?


We have been notified that an Avalara Tax code is expiring and we need to update the item(s) it is connected to. How do we find where it has been used?


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Items can be mapped to tax codes on the Admin console, within your ERP, or Ecommerce software.


Locating it can be a challenge sometimes. But you can easily find which items have used the expiring code by running the Export Report/Document line detail on the admin console in the reports section.


The tax code used on each item is listed under Tax Code (column V) in the results and you can then identify the items attached to the code in question. Once you find the items, you can search the mappings in your ERP, ecommerce software or in the Items on the Admin console and make any changes needed.